•Carrying a phone charger means you won't have to worry about your phone going off.

•Carrying extra bedding's means you won't end up being someone's dawa ya baridi.

2021 rally drivers at state house
Rally driverss 2021 rally drivers at state house

When attending a safari rally it's obvious things are going to get dusty.

A good starter pack for a spectator would prove useful during the rally. Here are some of the essentials you should carry with you to Naivasha.

1. Drinks

Drinks will be served in the rally, but having your drink is way better. Sometimes the drinks could be high in price and you might not have that extra cash. Don’t forget water that is still part of drinks make sure to stay hydrated all day.

2. Extra cash

There is no such thing as too much money, extra cash is vital, especially in an event with so much going on. You may want to get a souvenir during your time in Naivasha or want to get more booze and food, this cash will come in handy.

3. Identification Card

Documentations are important to carry with you when going to a different city, country, or town. When looking for a hotel the receptionist will want to see your Identification card to get you a room, or when going to clubs you might look younger than your age, and having your card will get you in the club to party with the big boys.

4. Extra beddings /clothes

Sleeping in a car is no fun, it’s squeezed, cold, and could be dumpy too if you are more than two people.

When you have extra bedding that will help during the cold night.

During the day you can’t possibly have on one pair of pants and a shirt, you need more than that for good hygiene.

WRC, rally drivers at stte house 2021 for kickoff
2021 safari rally WRC, rally drivers at stte house 2021 for kickoff

5. Condoms

In all honesty, Naivasha is a very risque town full of crazy stories of who and who did what. We can’t deny people to have their fun but be protected use a condom as protection and ensure it's consented. We’d want you to come back to Nairobi ‘safe as you left.

6. Sunscreen

This is not only for the ladies, men too need to have a skincare routine. Safari rally will be out in the sun all day long you’d want to carry sunscreen to protect you from the harsh sun rays. At least that will keep your skin radiant.

7. A portable charger

Carry your charger folks this will keep your phone on for the rest of the day; I mean how else will your ‘haters’ know you are in Naivasha if you are not flaunting it all over social media because your phone was off.

8. Sunglasses

A good pair of sunnies are good for covering your eyes from the dust and the sun and aside from that you could still look stylish and take your outfit to a whole other level.


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2021 rally drivers at state house
Rally driverss 2021 rally drivers at state house