• The couples have decided not to breed until they are well and ready.

• The public has often questioned the celebs on their choice not to have kids.

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The lives of Kenyan celebrities are often open to scrutiny and criticism. From what they eat, to what they wear, celebrities are not spared comments that are labeled as cyber-bullying.

Below, we take a look at a list of celebrities who always face questions about when they will have children.

1. Guardian Angel and wife Esther Musili.

Guardian Angel and his new wife Esther Musila were this week interviewed by Plug Tv and among the questions asked was why they don't have kids yet?

Esther is a mother of three children while Guardian is yet to have any. Guardian said that having a child is a bonus and not a priority at this point in his marriage.

“A child is God’s work. It is a bonus, if we get it, okay, if we do not get it, it does not reduce anything in my love for Esther. It has given me enough peace that matters to me.”

“For me, when I was coming to our marriage, a kid was number two. Whether it comes or not it is ok, number one is our love for each other, if God wants to give us a kid as a bonus that is okay,” he added.

For her part, Esther says that for them to get a child or not should not be a concern to busybodies since it is theirs to decide and not the society's.

2. Joyce Omondi and husband Waihiga Mwaura

Joyce and Waihiga tied the knot in December 2015. The couple has not had a child yet.

Back in September 2021, Joyce faced pregnancy rumors. This comes after the former Full Circle show host posted a picture of herself wearing a red dress that falsely suggested she had a bump.

Her followers noticed and congratulated her. 

Responding to this, Joyce stated that people saw their own things because of her dress' design. She, however, thanked everyone for the love and support shown, adding that she was waiting on God's timing.

"So it seems the ruching at the waist of the dress in my latest post has people seeing their own things. God's timing will be best. Thank you for all the love nonetheless," wrote Joyce.

3.Emmy Kosgei and husband Madubuko

Gospel singer Emmy Kosgei has for the longest time been defending her decision not to have children with her 60-year-old Nigerian husband Bishop Anselm Madubuko.

According to the gospel singer, her childlessness is out of choice. She said she did not get married to have children and that she is not in any rush to make babies.

“I didn’t get married just because I wanted to have kids. Relationships are about unions and destinies. If you are attached to the wrong person, it can affect your destiny permanently,” she is quoted in an interview with Parent magazine.

“I’m also very busy, but yes I do hope to have my own children one day,” she added.

Emmy is a bonus mum to his three children whom Madubuko had with his late wife.

“My stepchildren respect me and call me mum. I don’t take it for granted,” she added.

4. Adelle Onyango and husband 

The podcaster and her husband are yet to have children. The groom, identified as Falgun Bhojak, is a Safari Rally race coach of Tri Fit.

After dating for about three years, they married in July 2017. 

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