• Many people opened up about nearly falling into depression, a sad state of affair that forced them to quit.

 • Many employees are afraid of opening up about toxic workplaces for fear of being bullied and losing their jobs. 

on toxic work places
Kenyans open up on toxic work places

The topic about toxic work places in Kenya is one that needs to be amplified every now and then for the sake of many people's mental state.

Many are afraid of opening up about it for fear of being bullied or even losing their source of bread for speaking up.

We asked Kenyans to share their stories on toxic work places and the feedback was shocking. Many people opened up about nearly falling into depression, a sad state of affair that forced them to quit.

Check out some of the feedback that we received.

Keshi Sue: I could write a book about it.. I almost got into depression..I quit not knowing what next...and upto date I never regret my action..

Wangari Grace: I got into depression gazillion times till I resigned not knowing where to go next. But I never regret coz it as the best thing to happen ever in my life. I value Peace 🙏🙏

Bella: I just decided to quit ,I could see that lady's car and tremble nashikwa na anxiety ,akifika naangusha items pens yoh it was hard

Qouey Njeri: Yangu labda niambie lynn Ngugi. Haiwezi isha😢

Taby: I worked for a boss back in the mid 90s i was the accountant this dude wanted to know how much his overdraft acc was. I would get it wrong and he would make noise at me. Now am in business and i relate with pple well and i don't talk badly to anyone i just do my job and go home. I think God put me there for me to become a better person my patience levels are very high

Fish den: Toxic Work Environment made me start my own business and the drive for employment is at zero especially private sector 😢😢😢

Karenizle: Wah! and mostly Managers create that toxic work culture in organizations...

Shree: Umawezashtukia umekunywa sanitizer badala maji

Linc Linc: I got late in a 5mins span.Got fired

J Cerah: I used to wake up everyday cry then go to work come home cry then I sleep. That went on for months. I finally quit and is have never regretted my decision.

Harrie Tak: Woke up one day and resigned coz I was getting into depression

Lisy Music: Try working in a church organization, wuehhhh!!!! Never again😢

Jayy fanuel: Im currently from quitting a work place where everyone is a drunkard apart from me, and i used to overwork esp on monday coz no one was reporting to work because of hungovers and cases

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