• Dr. Maria Bayerl is making waves in Romania as a top cosmetic surgeon.

• Dr. MariaBayerl is passionate about the industry and wants to make Kenya one of the premier cosmetic spots in Africa.

Dr Maria Bayerl smiling
Image: Maria Bayerl

Dr. Maria Bayerl is a Kenyan woman making waves as a cosmetic surgeon in Romania with her Bayerl Beauty Clinic, something that she says she's going to replicate in Kenya.

Dr. Maria who has more than 10 years of experience in the field recently spoke to Mpasho about her motivations and career.

The interview is below;

Who is Maria?

Dr. Maria Othieno Bayerl completed high school at State House Girls school in Kenya. I received a fully paid scholarship to study medicine in Romania. 

My medical undergraduate training was at the Carol Davilla School of Medicine in Bucharest between 2008-2014.

With my medical residency completed at the Institute of Phonoaudiology and Functional Surgery in ENT Prof Dr. Dorin Hociota 2014-2019. Maria has been in Bucharest for the past 16 years.

What prompted her to get into the cosmetic industry as a surgeon?

I wanted to prove to the young me that Hey, it is doable and I DID IT! For my children to see that if mom did it well so can I.

For the young girl medics that I mentor, to not be afraid, for the world is their canvas. My love for cosmetic surgery was born by chance when I got an opportunity to work at Cronos Med Clinic.

So, for about two years I have been working as an ENT surgeon, with a sub-specialization in facial aesthetics.

Why Romania?

Why not Nairobi? I believe that launching in Bucharest first is necessary because the cosmetic medical field here is far much greater than in Kenya.

Therefore, setting up here will give me time to of course continue learning, and continue sourcing everything I would need to take my place in Kenya as the leading cosmetic surgeon.

I also have a great support system from my family, mentors, and colleagues in the field that I feel I need with me and around me as I soldier on as quite frankly, we are in the initial stage which I am quite excited for.

Why did she choose the name Bayerl for her clinic?

The name in itself is a dedication to my family: my loving husband and children, the Bayerls. 

Dr. Bayerl's clinic
Image: Maria Bayerl

What's her mission statement?

My clinic is a refuge for gorgeous women and men to get A-list services, and a workplace for women in the medical industry to learn, work and grow professionally and personally.

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