at the 59th Madaraka Day celebrations at Uhuru Gardens
KDF soldier at the 59th Madaraka Day celebrations at Uhuru Gardens
Image: Twitter, KDF

Kenyans celebrated the 59th Madaraka Day at the Uhuru Gardens.

During the celebrations, the uniformed forces showed off their machines and firepower. With it was the soldiers who keep our country safe.

One of the soldiers made it to social media and everyone was stunned by her gorgeous looks.

KDF bragged about their soldier in a tweet saying, "#madarakaday2022 They said the military is a beautiful place to be. Kwa ground ni hayo tu. #KDFmajeshi1."

In another tweet, they celebrated the holiday with a patriotic message. 

"This will always be our country, our nation, our land, the territory that is our home and well charity begins at home. Happy Madaraka Day brothers and sisters”.

Here are some reactions by Kenyans on Twitter.

@wepukhulu_king: We can donate EH-60 Black Hawk as dowry to @KDF_MAJESHI. Mnaweza, mnatesa!.

@KDF_MAJESHI: Leta tuu kidney mbili and five toes.

@dkoimuturi: Beautiful photo. Beautiful soldier. My husband thinks he should now join KDF.CARazy

@ItsMiller_G: Tell her about me thanks.

@Moulhat: Wueh🌺😍

@_gsamih: Kuna mmoja i once saw pale @kdfinfo alikuwa anaitwa kemunto' ah nakwambia she can defend my life... beutiful soldier that one.

@KDF_MAJESHI: Shoot your shot.

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