•Police say the women are now luring unsuspecting men from social networking sites

•Police arrested five suspects including three woman for kidnapping 

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Police arrested five suspects including three woman for kidnapping a man and demanding for a ransom to set him free in Parklands area, Nairobi.

Police say the women are now luring unsuspecting men from social networking sites before leading them to a room where the man is held hostage and asked to buy his freedom.

The suspects prey for men online, promising them blissful moments with a happy ending and the wowed men easily fall into the trap hook, line and sinker.With a special preference for men of caucasian origin, the women lure the smitten men to a house behind Ruaraka’s Naivas supermarket, with a promise of an action packed night from two to three women depending on one’s preference.

But moments before they get down, a rude knock suddenly interrupts the occasion as a man posing as a boyfriend to one of the women suddenly appears, throwing a spanner in the works of an eventful evening.

What follows are demands for a ransom depending on how deep one’s pockets are.  Police stormed the house where the victim was being held incommunicado, only to find him stark naked, as the five suspects eagerly waited for an Mpesa transaction of Sh100,000 to set the man free. The man had called his relatives claiming that he had been involved in a road accident and needed Sh100,000 for treatment.

The special agents who had followed cyber forensic leads to the house where the victim was being held, connected the crime to an incident that occurred last month, where a man was accosted in Parklands and robbed off Sh450,000.

The man has since identified the suspects positively, as those who milked the cash from his bank account in a similar modus operandi. They are Joseph Makau Mulatya, Patrick Wekesa Omosa, Rehema Njeri, Vigilance Mumbi and Hadija Ong’ai.Detectives processed them to answer to robbery with violence charges.

Elsewhere, Police are investigating the discovery of two decomposing bodies of men in a car that had been stolen in Luckysummer area, Kasarani, Nairobi.The owner of the car told police it was stolen on May 21 and he reported the matter to local police.

It was until last night when a pedestrian called him to say he had spotted a similar car but without its number plates parked on the roadside. He rushed to the scene and later was joined by police who confirmed it was the car.

There in they discovered the two bodies which had blisters all over and were rotting. Police processed the scene and took them to the mortuary pending identification.

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