•Experts fear cases of drink spiking may be on the rise across Nairobi

•The issue has hit the headlines last week on a viral Twitter thread

A plate of Kenyan chicken biriyani
A plate of Kenyan chicken biriyani



Basmati babes are hard at work, and their victims are more than ever being fooled.

Experts fear cases of drink spiking may be on the rise across Nairobi as bars and clubs fill to capacity with crowds having fun.

DCI sent a heavy warning to revelers fear that cases of drink spiking are on the rise.

The capacity crowds are a major attraction for 'mchele administrators' to harvest from unsuspecting victims, mostly men.

The term was coined by the DCI who on their Twitter account exposed the faces of the women behind spiking incidences.

The issue has hit the headlines last week when one man confessed to being drugged, leading to an avalanche of confessions from others.

Several men spoke out after either reporting their drinks being tampered with as others said they preferred being humiliated without police intervention.

Nightclubs along Thika Road were put on the spot as being purveyors of such crimes.

The first confession on Twitter told how a man allegedly agreed to leave a popular club with a woman promising him a good time.

He said that they went to his home and doesn't remember much. He speculated that his drink was spiked before they left.

The flood of reactions highlighted to Kenyans the complexity of the matter.

Drug and alcohol experts say that venues can follow simple rules to help keep patrons safe. But how do you detect it and what can be done to crack down on drink spiking?

Here is everything you need to know:


  • Most commonly drink spiking is with other alcohol, because it is easy to conceal alcohol in another alcoholic drink.
  • The drugs used are colourless and odourless, so they’re not detected until you consume them.
  • The main aim of drugging is to incapacitate you so that you don't fight them when they approach you for a good time, and don't recall what happened.
  • Most of the victims in clubs are men, lured to their homes where mpesa and items are emptied.
  • Cases are under reported: Under the viral Twitter thread, men said they don't report owing to shame of falling for such moves.
  • it may feel like becoming really intoxicated really quickly, even if you haven’t had much to drink.: I have been a victim of mchele, and what happened was I felt like my legs couldn't hold me up, then I walked around aimlessly talking to people and worst, I don't remember this until CCTV footage told security so.

There are warning signs you can look out for:

Feeling dizzy or faint

Feeling ill or sleepy

Feeling drunk even if you’ve only had a small amount of alcohol

Passing out

Waking up feeling uncomfortable and confused, with memory blanks about the night before

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