• The man was left with burns describing the agony

• This wasn't the first time applying  henna so he didn't think anything would go wrong

henna tatto gone wrong
henna tattoo henna tatto gone wrong

A man was left with severe burns after unknowingly applying henna for a much-needed tattoo.

He shared his experience on a viral Twitter thread below,  advising people to first test before applying anything on your body.

Rather than get a tattoo engraved, he turned to a henna artiste to get the much-needed artwork. (Pictured above)

Word of caution: Always ensure that natural henna is used on your skin and when in doubt, apply to only a small area of skin to test if you’ll react to it.

Read the entire thread below;

I had an idea for a video and I needed tattoos to pull off the look. Since I wasn’t ready for real tattoos just yet, I contacted a lady who uses henna to achieve the same result. On that day, while she was applying the dye to my skin,…

I began to feel some heat and burning sensation. I drew her attention to it and we both assumed it wasn’t that serious. She left. When the henna dried off, normally I should be able to peel off the dried dye leaving the skin stained with the black color.

The pain on my arm had gotten worse and I couldn’t take off the dye. I had to wash it off while in so much pain. I applied some moisturiser after washing. This wasn’t my first time having henna applied to my skin but this one felt different.

By the second day, I was more happy to see the temporary tattoo sit beautifully on my skin that I barely gave the pain any attention (I was posing like a bad boy for my mirror 😂). It was day 2 and the pain had more than doubled in intensity.

I couldn’t be in a slightly hot environment nor could I touch that part of my skin without feeling so much pain. Then I began to research and found out that there was a difference between natural henna and black henna.

My friend, Dr Larry recommended I apply a 1% hydrocortisone cream to it. This gave me some relief. I also added some confessions and prayer to accelerate the healing process. The annoying part is I didn’t get to use the tattoo for the video I had planned 😂.

My advice: please always ensure that natural henna is used on your skin and when in doubt, apply to only a small area of skin to test if you’ll react to it before drawing map of Africa on your neck. 😂 Currently receiving ‘Eya’, ‘I hope you’re Ok’, & cash to speed up the healing.

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