•  Sharing costs with family members can trim your expenses substantially.

• You will have a new reason to eat mchele at home.

For the past year, rising inflation has caused high levels of anxiety among consumers. Now, many people are changing their lifestyles in hopes of keeping the damage to their finances at a minimum.

On a daily, I find myself having to change how I live like buying less meat, simply as a way to keep on top of inflation.

Listed below are some of the drastic ways many wananchi are changing their lifestyle as prices soar.

1. Less and less savings-If at all you were saving money, then the inflationary impact means you are either dipping to live the same way or you are not putting in as much because of the prices.

Less savings is a painful one because we save towards a dream-like building a home, buying a car, or enjoying a vacation.

Less money to save means we might be forced to do away with these dreams because our bare-minimum goal becomes survival.

2. You might find that you need to live with someone to survive. Many of us prefer our personal space, but that is something we might have to sacrifice to make it through this economy.

3. You will spend more time searching for a better-paying job. As I speak I bet you are hitting the keyboard updating your CV to send out to recruiters. Wishing you the best.

4. Relying more on that ka loan. The online apps will become your best friend as they offer you more and more loans to make it through the month.

Sadly the temptation to take the ka loan is very luring. End result? More debt for you. Millions of us have little choice other than to turn to the plastic in our wallets.

5. Home-cooked meals will become your best friend. Our love for eating out whether fast food or brunch will be affected.

That's also because the restaurants will also increase the costs of food to cover inflation. I bet you don't want to dig deeper to pay more for that ka meal you have been enjoying posting on Instagram,

6. Subaru boys will have to cut down on the number of times they hit the streets to show off their fancy cars.

Of all the climbing costs, fuel has hit us the most. It is now trading at sh150 a liter and expected to climb further. Yikes, can Subaru boys say Amen?

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