• Here are nine different ways African parents name their children.

Popular Kenyans names
What is in a name? Popular Kenyans names

Kenyans are a peculiar bunch. How we do our things is normally just too unique to us. Like how our parents named us or the names we now pick for our kids this defines our peculiarity.

Kenyan parents love naming their children after familiar names. That is why you will find certain tribes favour certain names.

Here is a list of some names common with specific tribes.

Onesmus - Kamba

Wycliffe - Luhya

Urbanus - Kamba

Marsden - Taita

Tom - Luo, especially Nyakach area

Bonface - Luhya

Harrison - Giriama

Simeon - Kisii

Ephantus - Kikuyu

Praxedes - Luhya

Mathias - Luhya

Wynkista - Kisii

Junior - Kikuyu

Bosco - Kisii

Doreen - Meru

Leah - Kisii

Mercy - Kikuyu

Elizabeth (Lesobet) - Kalenjin

Duke - Kisii

Jamleck - Kikuyu

Beryl - Luo

Fancy - Kisii

Douglas - Kisii

Bigoty - Kalenjin

Patrick (normally or preferably paired with Lumumba) - Luo

Benta - Luo

Ezekiel ie Sacheli - Luhya

Janerose - Kikuyu

Domitila - Kamba

Genacio - Kikuyu

Purity - MeruMary - Kikuyu

Grace - Kikuyu

Elizabeth - Luo

Paul - Kikuyu

Jared or Charedi! - Kisii

According to BBC, Traditional African names often have unique stories behind them. From the day or time, a baby is born to the circumstances surrounding the birth, several factors influence the names parents choose for their children.

Whichever ethnic group you look at, these local names reveal a wealth of information about the bearer.

Here are nine different ways African parents name their children:

Events surrounding birth

Among several ethnic groups, picking out names can be influenced by positive or negative circumstances the family finds themselves in around the time a child is born.

Celebrity culture

The Luos in Kenya are known for adopting famous names for their children. Quite a number of mothers named their baby boys Obama in 2008 after Barack Obama, the son of a Luo man, was elected US president. And when he visited the country in 2015, one mother reportedly named her child Airforceone.

Order of birth

In many African cultures, there is no need for someone to explain whether they are the eldest or youngest of their siblings. This is because their names can reveal that much. This is especially true of twins.

Day-born names

Even before parents select a western or religious name for their child, the baby already has a name.

Faith-based names

Many parents express their religious beliefs through names but some this further than others.

Named after  the ancestors

Respected elders of the family may be dead but they continue to live on through their grandchildren. Parents often name babies after senior members of the clan whether dead or alive.

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