• From dating old rich men, to body shaming, Huddah always has a lot to say

• Huddah once revealed her womb is up for sale and it will cost $1,000,000

Huddah Monroe
Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe
Image: Courtesy

It's normally a 'no holds barred wrestling match' when it comes to Huddah Monroe. Nothing is off-limits to the petite Kenyan as she expresses her opinion online.

To be quite honest I look forward to her Instagram posts because I never know who or what she will call out.

Below is a sample of some of her most controversial statements ever (and the list isn't even comprehensive, BTW);

1. She advises people that broke men are better than rich ones at intimacy

In a QnA, Huddah advised one of her fans to stick to broke men for good saying,

”Find you a man darling, don’t look for his wallet if you want good s**. Broke ones f*best…"

2. She tells fans to keep off married people

The socialite told that it's a waste of time advising that women need to avoid married men who don’t contribute to their success in any way.

This is ironic considering she was thirsting after married athlete, Frederick Omanyala recently.

3. She has said that she hustles on her own, yet sometimes admitted to accepting cash and gifts from men

Huddah always credits her life in Dubai to her hard work.

”If I had a rich boyfriend or man. Do you think I’d be hustling? Looking for ways to make more money? Lol! I’d be in a Rolls Royce chilling and shopping daily. But I’m still balling on a budget. Saving and investing in my future kids' future. I choose to love and D*  over money coz I can make my own.”

4. She explained why she can't shoot her shot at rich men

"I always think, why should I find? I don’t like stress. Why can’t he find me? I am also in the billionaires league."

5. She dates low profile men because popular ones don't have time for women

”Rich men have no time to love you. Lol! It’s all about choices. What rocks your boat? Need for money or need for love? That’s my personal life I guess. And it’s not for everyone to see. Also, I date very low-profile men. Not celebs.”

6. She will never date Kenyan men, just other races

”I have dated almost all races in the world. For experiment. Even Chinese, Indian, Lool! I know Asians for sure ain’t my cup of tea! Kenyan men can be too stingy. I love spending money. Not my cup of tea!”

Before adding,

”In the black community a Nigerian is headache. Not bad for enjoyment but not to settle unless you wanna die young ok. Life’s about choices. Also not my cup of tea.”

7. She told that she is selling her womb for millions, won't get married to the donor and doesn't believe in marriage

In her Instastories, Huddah revealed that her womb was up for sale for $1,000,000 (116 million shillings).

"I am selling my womb for $1,000,000 to be your baby momma. Child support we shall agree while we conceive," she wrote.

Huddah added she won't get married to the man who paid for her womb.

"Marriage can only last if you are married to Jesus Christ himself. I am ready to be a baby momma to a king who wants an ovary donation, no strings attached," she explained.

8. She has also ever said that she would rather date a man for life than walk down the aisle.

"You all know marriage is a scam in this era of bamba with big boys and big/ small ny*sh and y'all getting into it, lol! why lie to each other? Just date until Jesus Christ comes back, save yourself the drama."

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