• It is super exciting to have bagged yourself a crush

• Crushes always have this special talent for activating all your nerves and you start wondering how you should start talking to them

Getting your crush
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Wow, so you do have a crush?

Talking to them would sometimes get difficult, don't fret, I got you covered.

Here are tips to get your crush to notice you and also win them over romantically.

   1.  Say hello

Every time you meet them you could always start by saying hello to them from time to time. This would make them feel comfortable and friendly towards you. When you meet them face to face or find them around, just smile and add a bit of positivity. This is to make sure that they will always think nicely of you.

      2. Have a mutual friend

Does not have to be a friend, could be a co-worker but would be much better if it would be a friend to build trust in the bond. Being approached by a complete stranger could be somehow intimidating however, having a mutual friend between the two of you is a great deal to start with.

      3. Tag him on online posts

Keep him reminded of you by engaging him in conversations. This could be done by tagging them in funny posts online like funny memes so that you get something to always talk about.

       4. You could flirt

Remember not to go extreme in flirting, this is only and only if you are able to take control and don’t cross the line. A little bit of flirting will make your conversation exciting, here you can start giving hints that you are interested in them. And I remind you one more time, do not overdo it, and do not cross the line.

      5. Show interest in what they like

You will have obviously investigated and known much about your crush and what they love. Make what they love interest you too and ask them to join you in one of the things they desire, that way they will know you love most things they love and the stranger picture fades to being a special friend.

      6. Remember to always compliment them

This would make them feel special and appreciated. Drop a comment on their posted pics. Bring up something you like about what they post. You could also reply to their stories online. Tell them something that will make them feel special, something they would always want to be told every day.

     7. Maintaining eye content with your crush is important

Spend time with them so that they would always feel something is missing when you are not around them. Do not overdo it as it may spoil everything.

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