• The bold woman says rather than sliding in the DM, she buys chicken.

• Many men have encouraged women to do unique things like this.

Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken

Shooting your shot is having the audacity to do something that could embarrass you when trying to get the attention of the opposite gender.

A woman has boldly declared that she gets a man's attention by buying him chicken wings if she is hanging out at a bar.

The woman on Twitter handle TARYNxOFFICIAL hilariously confessed to her actions as men encouraged more women to apply that trick.

"I shoot my shot by sending chicken wings to men at bars. And then I do a lil wave at them when the server points at me.

So I usually tell the waitress to let them know I sent them. So they’ll point my way. And they always come over to talk to me to say thank you and buy me a drink and get my number," she shared. 

A man responded with delight; "A shorty send wings to the table, and give me a lil wave, I’m folding like fresh laundry. Applying pressure at its finest."

The humorous responses to her story show us that it really does take a lot of nerve to shoot your shot at a man. 

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