• Chamas are investment groups that many of us have joined

• But many Kenyans have pointed out some things that they are not happy with from the goups. 

Advices from Chamas
Image: Trevor Obade

Chamas or informal financial groups are very popular with Kenyan women.

Women say they get empowered through these chamas by saving and making group investments.

However, there have been accusations that some things are not good about them. That has to do with the type of side chats held in these groups.

And much of this terrible advice stems from bad times in marriage. Older women have been accused of being ring leaders of bad advice.

We sadly confide in our chama mates about the challenges in our marriage and they dish out unsolicited advice.

From career to children to husband advice, here are the bad things women tell each other.

1. Hide money from your man:

Due to the mix of women in this chama, we find that those with bad financial experience with their men will advice others to 'fich pesa' just like they have successfully done.

2. Don't invest with your man:

The choice to invest with your husband or boyfriend is yours, as each family has its own goals and future plans. What works for that woman's family will not work for yours.

3. Go on a girls trip:

Women advice each other to take girls trips that men don't like hearing about due tot he perception that cheating happens in these trips.

4. Treating in-laws:

Some women will advise you not to allow your man to spend on his family because it's your hard earned money.

5. Live your life separate from his:

The argument here is that if your man is not behaving, then go ahead and live your life and let him be.

6. Wait until you have money to have kids:

Our biological clocks all work differently. While one may want to start at 30, another's time is ripe at age 23. 

7. Have secret investments:

Many times we have heard of men being caught unaware that their women own apartment blocks or plots, whose title deeds are hidden. Don't always follow int he footsteps of women who have done this. You don't know her deep dark secrets for this move.


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