• Mpasho had asked Kenyans to speak on the best moments they had of their mothers.

• Kenyans had some wonderful anecdotes about their mothers that were beautiful and tear-inducing.

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Prezzo with his mom in a file photo
Image: Prezzo

This Mother's Day, Mpasho made sure to ask our fans and followers about their best memories with their moms.

Kenyans answered the call with even musician Prezzo responding to the question. He wrote, 

"So every night before we sleep she must wake us up to pray. She's a powerful woman. I love her. That prayerful woman is Mama Prezzo. Shout out to D Makini."

The rest of the beautiful answers are below;

Every day with my mommy is the best that I will ever have.

Her coming to visit me with 2 trays of eggs when I started living alone. 

Visiting me with lots of shopping after I had given birth.

Always celebrating me and being my biggest cheerleader all through life.

She was a single mother but she was a whole family to me that she took care of all us at once.

Mom would go out of her way to make sure that we never lacked.

Visiting days were so memorable.

Just chilling at home and telling embarrassing stories about me.

My mummy is a cripple. Can't do anything but she educated me and my 4 siblings with only begging.

When I lost my first pregnancy, no one else could have better comforted me.

Sleeping with my niece so my sister-in-law could get some rest cause of postpartum depression.

She makes sure I am living a good life and that I never lack.

Defending me in public even when I am in the wrong, then dealing with me in private. I will forever treasure her.

Cooking chapati on 3 stones as we tell stories and laugh.

The day she said, "I love you my daughter."

She accepted me and my kids after I lost everything in a hurtful relationship. My Ma is my everything.

My mom sold one of her pieces of land so she could send me to Australia. Now I am investing in her.

Being there for me during my pregnancy, my labour and after CS she used to bathe and wipe me.


The woman washed clothes for people and used it for my school fees.

When she could call, text, surprise visits. She was everything. I would give anything to have her back.

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