•  Women are expected to look curvy despite the fact that some were not born curvy.

• While having a flat tummy is a good thing it should not be used as a measure of beauty.

Socialites Euxodie and Princess Shyngle
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Being a woman can be complicated, thanks to the crazy expectations placed on them by society.

It is no exemption when it comes to beauty standards women are expected to keep.

The irony of it all is that men do not have to meet certain standards as long as they have money.

Flat Tummy

For years having a flat tummy has been looked at as an achievement.

Those without are looked at as careless eaters, this is although some people have bellies because of medications they are on.

Others have conditions that make it almost impossible for them to lose weight. While having a flat tummy is a good thing it should not be used as a measure of beauty.

This has seen many women consume anything that offers them a quick way to a flat tummy without caring about the repercussions.

Flawless skin

People deal with different issues among them skin breakouts due to medication, fire burns, and accident scars.

That means some of these people cannot have flawless skin for one reason or the other. Making someone who has no flawless skin feel bad is inhumane.

It erodes their self-esteem and no one deserves that.

Being light-skinned

If you have never lost a job opportunity for being dark-skinned then hujaona kitu.

Many women have embraced bleaching, the most annoying thing is most lie that that is their natural skin tone.

Celebrities who have been accused of skin bleaching include Nyasuguta and Tanzanian star Rose Muhando.

There is nothing wrong with being dark-skinned, black is beautiful and it does not crack.

Having a big derriere

Ladies with a small behind are normally body shamed.

Only ladies with big derrieres are appreciated by society whether it's natural or they got it through surgery.

We have seen ladies such as Manzi wa Kibera, Vera Sidika, and Risper Faith alter their derriere to make it bigger.

Whether big or small they save the same purpose.

Incredibly thin waist

A thin waist is looked at as attractive.

That is why most women spend most of their days wearing corsets and body shapers.

Some are so greedy for results that they even go to sleep in such garments. The truth is that most men don't even care about looks.

If a man loves you he will date you whether you look like a monster or not.

Advocating for exercise when plastic surgery was done

We know of people who have been under the knife but are always busy advocating for exercise.

There is nothing wrong with going under the knife, just be truthful about it.


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