• One of Sean Andrew's fans paid tribute saying, "If it wasn't for Kibaki, I honestly don't know how my mom would've managed to put me through school. Mans was a legend and a visionary , for that he lives on..."

with his grandchildren
The late president Mwai Kibaki with his grandchildren
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Sean Andrew has been making headlines after he paid tribute to his late grandad, president Mwai Kibaki.

His move to drop his pinky ring from his finger and drop it into the open grave of his guka - grandfather - got everyone talking.

Hours later after the highly publicised state funeral, Sean took to his social media to thank his followers for their support.

He wrote, "Tough day. Thank you all for the support."

His diehard followers took to the comments section of his last post and sent their condolences to the late president.

Sean Andrew thanks fans for their support
Sean Andrew thanks fans for their support

Here are some of their tributes.

rogue_gatz: You're grandfather was a great man, he dearly loved Kenyans and that's why we will miss him. My condolences to you and your family. #alegend

jossychege: I'm a beneficiary of free education. I still remember the free lunches we used to have...very sweet githeri back in primary...Kibaki was a good president...a man for the people indeed...a blessed man...May his soul rest in eternal peace...

miss.d.dee: Take heart ♥.

tafari_gwann: If it wasn't for Kibaki, I honestly don't know how my mom would've managed to put me through school. Mans was a legend and a visionary, for that he lives on . Not a bit part of him is gone . He is just less orderly , in a different form, leveled up, give thanks for his energy , and remember energy is forever.

heilsea1: it's hard but all is well

phenah40: Aki pole sana handsome loss is too deep

lucie.nunga: My condolences, he was a great leader

_.tabb.ie._: Sean, My condolences to the Kibaki Family. Your grandpa has done so much good for this nation and Kenya has indeed lost a legend. I mourn the loss of the best president Kenya has had so far and I pray that he rests in eternal peace with God's angels. His legacy will live on and many will remember him for the selfless leadership he showed. RIP to His Excellency.You were so loved and I hope he knew that, even by people who never met him like me. I pray that his family finds the peace and comfort that they require at this time in our God Almighty. Shalom.

shiro_stanley: My Heartfelt Condolences! H.E The Former President was a Gem! You were so Privileged to have such a Cool Grandpa! Best President Ever.

hellen_makibi: My condolences Andrew, we shall remember him as the greatest of all time. My father's song to him to date shows just how much we love him. Nyumba ino yitu Makibi James

lovetteperry: Heartfelt condolences. Rest in peace to our legendary and best president

autumnlove_july: My condolences. Sending you healing prayers and comforting hugs. My heart is with you in your time of sorrow.

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