•Researchers noted that sad music actually helps change one’s mood for the better

•Sad music helps one heal as they feel there are others who have been in a journey such as them

a sad emoticon listening to music
an illustration of... a sad emoticon listening to music
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Bruuh I always thought I was weird up until I came across this new study.

And I know I’m not the only one who is rejoicing from the title.

I know some people do listen to sad music only when they’re sad to soothe the heart or probably cry louder. Because honestly ain’t nowhere you can listen to Lewis Capaldi and not wallow in a thousand tears.

Honestly, there’s nothing like blasting a sad song when you’re feeling all blue or your heart is breaking.

There’s something about knowing that someone out there feels what you feel or have been through what you’ve been through.

However a new research contradicts this notion. Most think sad songs will only add to your suffering, but it turns out there’s a reason why we all feel the need to turn them when we’re already feeling sad.

According to new research highlighted in psychology today, sad music can help us to empathise with others and, in turn, heal heartbreak.

It’s the same way laughing at other peoples pain helps you get over yours.

Researchers found that sad music helps generate empathy and compassion, along with a desire for a positive connection with others.

It helps us expand our emotional horizons and see the bigger picture. It was also noted that “beautiful but sad” music actually has changes of totally improving sadness.

So this love for this type of music is a window for you to see life from a whole different perspective and actually enjoy the fact that others have been where you are.

Sad music can sometimes leave us feeling more at peace, help us get over or at least come to terms with whatever might be bothering us.

So hunnay don’t you worry, your love for sad music isn’t bad and you’re not a depressed soul. There’s nothing wrong with you and your music love.

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