• His baby mama will not leave, the only best thing to do is to learn to deal with her

• Your husband's baby mama should not be the reason you and your husband split up.

Secret love/ Private relationship.
Secret love/ Private relationship.

You have the most caring and wonderful guy you have always dreamed of having. Things are pretty good between you and you might have even gotten married to him.

But there is something that might occasion a split between you and him? And what is that? His baby mama. Follow the few steps to help you deal with your husband’s baby mama.

       1. Try to see good in her

You could find a good therapist to help you dismantle your formidable wall of anger and commit yourself fully to the responsibility of taking care of his child as your own child.

Talk to her and convince her to understand that you will never try to interfere with the relationship they have with your husband nor take her place as his ex and baby mama.

       2. Know your role

You should know that her children do not need another mother, maybe you do not have children of your own slipping into this role could be daring.

Stay with the kids as your friends support them where you can if you are asked to, acting as their mother will only bring quarrels as their mother would conclude that it is a competition you want or you want to take over her children and their father fully.

       3. Have your own relationship with her

A man having two women in his life finds it hard to deal with both of them, it is not an easy situation and could never be for anyone. Focus on developing a relationship with your husband’s baby mama.

Try to always approach her in the coolest manner you could. If she knows she can get under your skin she will do it with no doubt, but do not bring your husband into your issues because that will jeopardize your relationship.

      4. Accept the fact that she is part of your life forever

No matter what you try to do or say to hurt her will not send her away, they share a child together and that means that the two of them will remain together and share responsibilities till the child is an adult.

If she is a nightmare try dealing with her, avoid getting in her way coz she is there to stay.

      5. Talk to your man and let him know how you feel

This does not mean you should involve him in your issues with his baby mama, deal with your issues with her alone unless it gets out of hand.

Make your husband know how you feel and let him handle it how he sees fit. Your feelings are important.

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