• Catfishing is the process of luring someone into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona
• The Kenyan man described his hilarious and shocking dating story to his Twitter followers.

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A Twitter user called Morris_KE excited Kenyans this past week when he related an 'interesting' date that he had been on.

Morris started out by explaining that he had gone all out to impress a fine woman he was going on a date with and pulled out all the stops, but what ensued shocked him.

"While in Nairobi, planned a date with this fine woman. Reserved a table at a high-end restaurant, bought flowers and sent her a ride to pick her up. Ladies & gentlemen, she turned up fully pregnant," he started.

But Morris hid his shock and maintained his composure as he proceeded to be the consummate gentleman. 

"What happened next: I stayed calm, handed the flowers, pulled a seat for her, she ordered food as I continued sipping my @JackDaniels_US on rocks. Avoided the pregnancy talk completely," he went on.

Morris said that after she was finished eating he escorted her to the car and bid her goodbye promising that he would call her in the future.

"After she was done, I walked her to the car and wished her well with a promise to call her(of course I was lying)."

But Morris didn't leave the restaurant, the experience had shocked him so much that he had to imbibe more alcohol as he contemplated what had just occurred?

"Got back to the restaurant and ordered more shots wondering wth just happened. I realized Niko nchi ingine," he finished. 

As a man, what would you do if a woman you had never met turned up for a first date heavily pregnant?

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