• Kitt Kiarie is a professional sleep trainer and a baby whisperer.
• Kitt thinks that more couples struggling with fertility issues should adopt.

Kitt Kiarie
Sleep and child whisperer Kitt Kiarie
Image: Instagram

Kitt Kiarie, a professional sleep trainer and a baby whisperer has called on people to explain to her why they don't consider adoption when desperately trying to have a baby.

Kitt was particularly interested in the voice of pro-lifers, who consider abortion an abomination encouraging women to carry the pregnancy and then give the baby up for adoption. 

"Last week I saw someone celebrating their long-awaited pregnancy. 10 years, they'd been trying to have a baby and they were finally pregnant. They quoted the scripture and invited their followers to thank God with them.

How come people who are trying for babies don't adopt? Why wait decades to have a child when you could have one via adoption" Kitt Kiarie posed the question to her followers. 

One of her followers said she would keep trying for years because she'd really wanted fruit from her womb, which ended up eliciting a whole other conversation.

Another seconded this ideology claiming that adopting signifies giving up as a Christian because of biblical stories of people like Hannah and Sarah. 

Another one went on to claim that adoption in Kenya is hectic unless you want to do things off the books. 

"I've tried for 3 years, luckily this year God blessed me. Let me tell you Kitt there's nothing I haven't tried even adoption but in this country the only adoption people know about is buying the child. 30k for a girl, 50k for a boy, without any legal documents," her response read. 

Kitt finished off the discussion by acknowledging that more people especially couples needed to have conversions around adoption during the dating stage because she felt that people just want a child by birth not necessarily a child.  

Just like Kitt, I was shocked by the number of ladies who came out to talk about how being in the labour room strengthens a mother's bond with the child and other societal ideologies.

As if we don't see stories of mothers neglecting their children or allowing them to go through pain without a care in the world.

I think that the same way you fall in love with a man (spouse) you didn't birth it's practically the same way you fall in love with an innocent soul that you decide to care for and bring up. Love isn't biology, it is a choice.

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