• Good news for Kenyans after Google announced open slots for job seekers after opening a new center in Nairobi.

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On 19th April 2022, Google announced its first product development in Africa to be located in Nairobi city.

This comes as good news to Kenyans as quite a number will get to apply for various open roles announced by Google.

The new product development center will help create transformative products and services all over the world.

These open roles include visionary engineers, product managers, UX designers, and researchers to staff the new center.

"The center will require one to solve difficult and important technical challenges such as improving the smartphone experience of poor people in Africa or building a more reliable internet infrastructure." read a statement from the company

In 2018, Google also opened a research center in Accra, Ghana to help drive useful innovations.

The new center will also be a continuation of that commitment with the aim of building Africa at large.

By 2030, the Managing Director for Google predicted that Africa will have 800 Million Internet users and a third of the world's under-35 population.

How to apply;

Interested applicants are advised to visit the company's career section at careers.google.com.

Here you will find a detailed Job description for each position advertised by the company.

Once you select the job title you wish to apply then you are required to upload an updated resume.

Also, you are expected to upload your contact details, academic qualifications, work experience, preferred location, and finally a cover letter.

Google has officially joined the list of tech giants setting up innovation hubs in Nairobi.

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