• "Peter told my daughter that if she wasn't going to leave his house alive she would leave dead." - Osinachi's mum.

• 'Ever since he married my daughter she has never known peace, neither have I.' - Osinachi's mum

in a file photo
The late Osinachi in a file photo
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Mother to the late Nigerian artist Osinachi Nwachukwu has shared the heartbreaking details of her daughter's marriage.

According to the old woman, Osinachi's husband was not only a wife barterer but he had no job hence he relied on her financially.

He also blocked Osinachi from interacting a lot with other people including her siblings. Sharing the story during an interview with BBC Ibo, she narrated.

"When they got married I did not see her for 8 years. When she gave birth the husband did not even inform me about it, it was strangers who informed me.

I called my daughter who confirmed she had indeed given birth.

I called the husband and informed him that I would go and help my daughter for some time but he warned me not to step into his house. He told me he would do whatever he wanted."

Osinachi's mum says on different occasions she was called by neighbours and people close to her daughter go and rescue her.

But Osinachi kept the details of her abuse private to protect her marriage.

"Neighbours and some of her friends would call me to go and save her (Osinachi) but she never told me anything.

She would tell me everything was okay. Her neighbour called me to quickly intervene but Osinachi insisted nothing was going wrong in her marriage.

After she gave birth to her second child is when she once called me to please go and pick her up as she was close to death.

She told me she was being mistreated and that no one was taking care of her.

I called her twin sister and we picked her up, we stayed with her two kids 1 year 3 months before Peter came and begged to have her back.

At the time her youngest child was only 3 months old and her eldest was 2 years old. I refused but Osinachi said she was going back with him.

She told me I cannot put apart what God had put together."

Adding, "She said she had chosen to stay with him hoping that he will change. Peter told my daughter that if she wasn't going to leave his house alive she would leave dead.

He had now killed her. If marriage is what Osinachi went through, I wish she just stayed single."

Osinachi died after 5 days in the ICU where she had been admitted after being beaten up by her husband.

Osinachi's mum now says Peter has been telling people that the artist was battling cancer.

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