• For the love of everything employment, get a professional email when job hunting.

CV, job application
CV, job application

You will always need a CV ready even when you haven't graduated yet, or you have gotten your first or second job.

This article will help you avoid the pitfalls of writing a bad CV.

So, what is a good and impressive CV look like?

The heading of the CV should have the candidate’s full name written in large, bold letters and centred on the page - the usual, Curriculum Vitae or CV.

Ensure your email address is not bossbabes2022@cloud.com. For the love of everything employment, get a professional email when job hunting. Preferably, it should be your first and last name.

Nationality, date of birth, gender and marital status are optional details that are best left out of a CV unless there is a particular benefit for their inclusion.

Qualifications: Post your latest education qualification at the top. This is your selling point. Include the degree classification/grade.

You don't need to detail your primary, high school and nursery school. It does not strengthen or add value to one’s application and thus should be omitted.

The same applies when posting your work experience. Focus on the name of the company worked in, start and end dates (month/year format), job title, and main duties performed.

Quick tips to make your CV look good:

  1. Use a black, easy-to-read font in one size.
  2. Use short sentences and break up blocks of text.
  3. Use bullet points to list information.
  4. Keep the tone formal.
  5. Avoid abbreviations, slang or jargon eg BSc ICTM.
  6. Avoid photos or images.
  7. Have strong headings and lots of white space.
  8. Keep your CV to two pages.
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