• Makena is assumed to be single after a nasty breakup with her bae Michelle Ntalami.

Nicah The Queen and Makena Njeri
Image: Instagram

A post by Nicah The Queen asking whether a born-again person can be a lesbian caused a social media buzz. 

In case you don't know Nicah is a gospel artist best known for songs such as 'Pagawisha, Na Wewe, and Ushuhuda.

Taking to her Instagram Nicah questioned whether she could text Makena Njeri, but said she was afraid of being rejected.

"Can a born-again Christian be a lesbian? Ama na overthink? Si mninyang’anye simu aki kabla nitext Makena aniambie mimi si type Yake."

Nicah The Queen
Image: Instagram

Her post came just a day after she announced her break-up with DJ Slahver.

The two had earlier announced they were planning a wedding before things went off the hook.

Check out some of the reactions to Nicah 'lesbianism' comments.

Miss_ngumbao: Makena anataka vitu portable kama Daktari.

Destiny_madoh: Hata hukai kuachwa...Sasa nn huwa shida? Drop that name Jesus girl.

Missrandy_ke: I think you are Jesus girl and you know all you need is prayer don’t allow the devil to use you.

Kovo_b_masinde_: Makena ukula chakula fresh from the sea, not kama yako .so just forget about it and try to respect yourself uko na daughters looking at you as a biological mum.

w.e.l.l.e_: Mapenzi aki wewe,ata Mimi nishaivunjwa roho nikajiuliza hilo swali.

Naomi_navec: Pray about it Jesus girl.

Karimi_ulemmeru: Uko na pesa ama ni mushene? Makena anapenda watu wako na Benz kama yeye

Makena is assumed to be single after a nasty breakup with her bae Michelle Ntalami.

The two had recently been spotted together during a Fireboy DML's concert held over the weekend.

The two have however maintained they are just friends.

"We are friends. My advice is that it is always good to be Bold," she said.

Asked if it took her long to resolve their issues, Makena said;

"We all strive to learn from our mistakes and live a better life. No enmity. The two most powerful warriors are patience and time."

What advice would you give Nicah?

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