• "We have our bad times which we don't show on social media." - Sarah Kabu

in a file photo
Simon and Sarah Kabu in a file photo
Image: Instagram

Sarah Kabu has opened up on some of the lessons she has learned from her marriage to Simon Kabu.

The mother of two says it was not easy to come to the decision separate with Simon, adding that it was for the best.

Some of the lessons she learnt include;

The kids are the ones to suffer when things go wrong

Given a recent incident where Simon took their kids who are minors to Amboseli for almost 10 days.

She says despite him being their father, it would have been important for him to engage her before taking them away.

Sarah says she felt bad when the kids Simon had gotten from his two previous relationships kept demanding gifts.

The mother of two says she has no problem giving out gifts adding that her opinion should be considered as she also contributes to the financial well-being of the family.

We all are human and we are bound to feel hurt

Sarah has said that she is not in competition with Kabu's baby mamas. She however says it is prudent that everyone maintains their distance.

She says she had no issue with her husband supporting his kids but she would have preferred if he did so while they lived with their parents.

Bringing them into the union only hurt her feelings.

There is no need of living a fake life

People should stop assuming that because she has money she should tolerate bad treatment or disrespect.

Trying to fake a lifestyle is tiring and very emotionally draining.

Women should hustle so that they don't have to wait for bread crumbs.

Sarah has advised women to always have a side hustle no matter how small it is, this she says will empower them for when the need arises.

There are no couple goals

Sarah says people should stop assuming there are perfect couples.

She says people would assume she had it all yet she was drowning. She would also have wanted to be in the shoes of some people who wanted to be like her.

Mpasho reached out to Simon for his comment on the issue but he did not respond. 

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