• Here is a list of common fashion blunders most men make when dressing up.

Men's fashion
Men's fashion

Being stylish and looking classy can be a bit tricky for most men but there are basic fashion rules no man should break.

Whether you are rocking formal or casual wear, looking good should be in your everyday to-do list.

Below is a list of the common mistakes that every man should avoid to look better, stylish and attractive.

  • Wearing a belt with suspenders

You either choose to be on suspenders or to have a belt on because having both makes you look awkward and out of style.

  • Long T-shirt sleeves

T-shirt sleeves should extend halfway down your upper arm. Not longer or shorter than that.

  •  Ill-fitting suits 

Ensure that the size and length of your suit perfectly fit to bring out the sexiness and good looking in you.

  • Sleeves that cover the wristwatch

When wearing a long-sleeved shirt with a watch, ensure that you do not cover up the watch as it is a nice accessory that elevates your outfit.

  • Stuffed pockets

Bulging pockets make you look terrible as pockets are meant for hands and a few pocket changes.

  • Wrinkled clothing

Failing to iron your clothes leaves a bad impression as it shows disorderliness and untidiness. If you can't do it yourself, take them to a dry cleaner or a tailor who offers ironing services.

Image: Trevor Owen
  • Sagging

Its disgusting and disrespectful to walk showing  everyone your boxers or underwear

  • Tucking in T-shirt

Tshirts should be hangover trousers at the length of your hips coz tucking them in makes you look funny.

  • Tie too long 

Your tie should not fall past your wist or the beltline. It will only make you look immature.

  • Deep V neck

V necks for men are trendy and classy but when it goes way too down where we can all see your chest hair, then it becomes disgusting.

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