• Trevor's twin has got the looks as netizens could not keep calm as some even asked for his phone number.

 Mungai Eve's director and boyfriend Trevor has caused a stir online after posting a photo of him alongside his identical twin.

For the first time, the director choose to introduce him to the public as he penned down a sweet message dedicated to his twin.

"Being the twin of an outstanding person like you is all the inspiration I need to succeed! Meet my twin," he wrote.

From the Instagram post, it is hard to tell them apart as they very much look-alike right from the skin tone, height and body size.

Were it not for the beards, it would be really hard to tell them apart as they are a spitting image of each other.

Trevor is popular and known to many, unlike his brother who has surfaced online through this particular post.

However, this photo has caused mixed reactions with most people appreciating his good looks and others agreeing that the two are truly identical.

Here are some of the reactions from netizens;

shamsanyambura; "Finally the twin reveal, you look, again and again, Mungai Eve bring him to your channel with all the handles."

_.sacdever: "Kwa ndevu yeye aliamua aje"

jemimah873; "Sasa Trevor ni mgani" 

anitalydia9: "Wah finally the twin amaetokea! Trevor gotea yeye sana."

yvonne_kerubo: Nilipoteza namba take, mwambie anitafute.

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