• Certain rules apply to you but don't apply to them

• She doesn't allow you to have a life outside the relationship

A couple in distress
Courtesy A couple in distress

Red flags usually scream from miles away but most people either are too star struck to notice or just assume the carnival is going to get fun or die down along the way.

Well, it doesn't! Actually it gets crazier.

Some things can be overlooked but these five red flags should have you running for your life faster than Usain Bolt.

1) They intimidate or manipulate you to get their way

When baby girl is always catching a mood or guilt tripping you to constantly get her way, you need to re-evaluate the relationship. They'll either cry, claim you no longer love them or some times touch on sensitive subjects to back you into a corner and you'll find yourself giving in to their demands.

You'll always feel exhausted after an interaction but then they'll love bomb you after getting their way, making you have some faith in things getting changing, they won't.


2) She keeps a relationship scorecard

Ever noticed how she always remembers things like how you didn't pull her chair on your second date? Or that time she asked you to call, you said you would and didn't yeah baby girl is crazy.

And any time you do something they'll bring up previous mistakes, some times unrelated to the current on. Questions and statements are like traps just waiting for you to slip so that she can bring things up.

And she'll be sure to remind you how terrible you made her feel.

3) Doesn't allow you to have a life outside the relationship

Friends? What friends? I'm your best friend, you don't need friends if you love me I should be enough.

Tell me the stories you want to tell them.

You going to hang out with the boys is an issue on top of that she wants to know your every move, and on the rare occasions she allows you to go out she most def wants to tag along to micromanage you and your company.

4) She's never wrong

Certain rules apply to you but don't apply to her.

Her mistakes are little hurdles and you should let them go because hey, she's never wrong.

She always justifies her mistakes, has an excuse for every detail and worst of all doesn't acknowledge the mistake leave alone the fact that it may have hurt and angered you.

5) She withholds communication/intimacy/emotional support as punishment

Every time ya'all get into an argument she'll serve you silent treatment whilst she be on her status on other days preaching how communication is key.

Besides that she'll shrug her shoulders and say she's okay when you ask her what's wrong but then she won't let you hold her hand, no cuddles or any other sort of intimacy until you apologize to her perfection.

This is her twisted way of "teaching you a lesson."

And a grown up who chooses games over communication should have you really worried.

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