• Jimal disclosed the proudest moment in his life so far.
• The businessman posted a photo of his family enjoying a vacation in Dubai.

Jimal Roho Safi posing
Image: Instagram

Jimal Rohosafi is a flawed man. This is known. But one thing that I admire about him is that he is a great father. (Of course, this opinion is based on social media posts which can be purely PR but I digress)

This weekend the rich businessman decided to celebrate his two sons on his Instastories. In the photo taken in Dubai, his sons and their mother Amira, can be seen posing in front of an aquarium.

His nostalgic caption read, "The proudest thing of my life is getting my kids early. I have never regretted this move..." 

Jimal's proud post
Image: Instagram

What is interesting about the photo is that Jimal doesn't need to celebrate his sons with a photo that featured their mother.

Let's not forget that Amira declared late last year that she would be divorcing Jimal after he embarrassed her many times with his year-long affair with Amber Ray.

His post above seems calculated to me. It isn't about what he says but what he doesn't. In this case, I think the unsaid theme is that of regret as far as how his relationship with Amira ended.

I think that at the end of the day, Jimal misses these family moments where he could spend time with his wife and kids. Now he can't...Divorce and all...

But what do I know...

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