• Some men enjoy a happy ending with their clients after giving them a massage.

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Ladies, would you ever be paranoid about the job your man does?

Most men are paranoid about most jobs women do because it makes them vulnerable and places them before team mafisi.

Well here are jobs women don't enjoy their men doing, they only tolerate it because it puts food on the table.


Truth be told most if not all DJ's are good looking.

They are what most women wish to have well built,good looks and a good job ,women are bound to approach him.

Not every man knows how to set boundaries hence some male DJ's end up sleeping with every Mary,Stacy and Wambu.

This puts them and their partners at risk of getting infected with sexually transmitted disease.

Gym instructor

In recent years more women have been going to the gym.

What is notable is how women have embraced body hugging gym wear that  leaves nothing to imagination.

That topped up with ladies who constantly need 'help' to use the machines and stretching after a workout makes some women uncomfortable about their baes working as gym instructors.

Cab Guys

Most cab guys have turned their cars into day time lodgings. These makes it hard for their women to trust them.

The good thing is not all cab guys are bad, some are good and would never entertain such nonsense.

Tattoo artiste

We all know that some people want their tattoos placed in very private places.

This makes some women uncomfortable knowing their men are busy drawing images on women's bossoms.

Ladies, the truth of the matter is a cheat is a cheat it's never about his job, wengine wa DNA ya ufisi.


Most women don't appreciate their men giving other women massages.

Some men enjoy a happy ending with their clients after giving them a massage.

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