• Most men would rather have you stay at home dressed in a dera.

Cooking in the kitchen
Cooking in the kitchen

We all know men are jealous, they do not like 'sharing' their women.

Given a chance most men would rather have their women stay at home. Below are some of the jobs men do not like their women doing.

Some of these jobs are like a curse, in that no man wants to marry a woman doing such due to their (men) insecurity.

Masseuse/ Spa Girl

No man can be comfortable knowing you are going to massage another son of Jezebel.

Men also do not appreciate their women giving men a neck, shoulder or head massage.


Being a DJ means constantly interacting with your fans.

If you are a female DJ the highest chance is that your fans will be male and men do not appreciate that.

They would rather have you stay at home dressed in a  dera.

Bar maid

Most men do not appreciate the constant touching of their women by drunk men and the catcalls.

Sales and Marketing

Men argues that such a job puts a woman at risk of being hit on by other men for her to be given business.

Traffic police (In Kanairo)

Those babes are very good looking, men assume they attract attention due to where they are placed.

Millitary police

Many men fear the women might undermine their authority.


The dancing can be at a club or at any other place.

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