The wealthy entrepreneur finally went to get his KCSE results slip 26 years after finishing high school

Ronald Karauri
Image: Courtesy

Ronald Karauri became a household name as the CEO of what was once Kenya's most popular betting firm, Sportpesa.

The former pilot is now trying to add to his impressive CV and is now vying for the Kasarani MP political seat.

A few hours ago, Ronald shocked many when he revealed that he had just gotten his KCSE certificate from his secondary school, Mang'u High.

Using his Twitter page, the 44-year-old said, "Took a trip back to Mangu High to pick my KCSE certificate that I had never picked up all these years. Very nostalgic and really great effort from the teaching team keeping the standards despite the huge increase in the number of students. #JishindeUshinde #Panthers."

Ronald then explained that he had survived without using the original result slip. In the background of one of the photos, one can note the bold inscriptions of the CEO's name on their dining hall-no small feat if you ask me.

In a previous interview, Ronald revealed that he entered the University of Nairobi on a mechanical engineering course.

But in a move he says he later regretted, the father of 3 dropped out in his 3rd year to take up an offer as a graduate pilot trainee at Kenya Airways (KQ).

"The perception of what an engineer when you join, I think I was disappointed because we were given those old computers, so the interest in the course started ending. By the way, anyone coming to me telling me they want to be a pilot the advice I will give them is; to do a degree, finish then fly. Nothing stops you from flying. I regret not having gotten a degree," he said. 

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