• These Kenyans once had it all and poof! It was all gone and went completely broke.

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 Kenya has had many celebs over the years. But while some perennially stay in the limelight others have disappeared from it.

This article looks at some of those celebs who are no longer the talk of the town. Let's begin;

Githeri man

Martin Kamotho, also known as "Githeri man" made the headlines during the 2017 general elections when he was captured eating githeri from a polythene bag as he waited to vote.

The man caught the attention of President Uhuru Kenyatta among other brands and was awarded numerous gifts.

Githeri Man
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However, in subsequent interviews, Martin revealed that his problem with the bottle had affected how invested the favours he got from big brands.

Miss Morgan

Angel Waruinge or Miss Morgan as many Kenyans knew her was a big name on the popular Kenyan high school drama series known as Tahidi High.

But after the highs of the show, she also had some challenges in recent years,  like battles with depression and alcoholism.

Actress Miss Morgan
Actress Miss Morgan
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For her, separating her celebrity life from her personal life proved to be a hustle that immensely affected her well-being.

She is currently off social media working on herself to gain back the power she once had.

Wilson and Ann Mwatura

The story of the two surfaced on social media in January 2017 after they went viral for their simple wedding which cost them only Ksh100 shillings due to financial constraints.

Luck smiled at them when a brand like Bonfire Adventures came out to sponsor their dream-like honeymoon.

Wilson and Ann at the Ksh 3.8m wedding organised by various wedding planning companies.
Wilson and Ann at the Ksh 3.8m wedding organised by various wedding planning companies.

Coming from their honeymoon, Diamond Adventures gave them a piece of land in Kajiado county with a Greenhouse containing capsicum crops.

Years later, Wilson was spotted by the roadside selling apples for a living.

Kinuthia Maina 'Omosh'

Omosh who was one of the biggest names on popular High School Drama, Tahidi High caught the attention of many during the Covid pandemic after a video of him begging for financial aid went viral.

The actor revealed that he had been financially hit after the cancellation of the Kenyan film during the pandemic and how life had become unbearable for him as he could barely feed his two families.

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The father of three who earned 18000 per episode confessed that his alcohol addiction had ruined his life, leaving him jobless.

He begged Kenyans for any type of job and that he didn't mind the class or the job status.


The Kenyan female boxer Conjestina Achieng is popularly known as 'Hands of Stone' was once the face of boxing in Kenya.

She was the first African woman to hold an international title hence being ranked as the best.

But things took a turn for the worse in January 2011 when she started going through mental challenges.

Conjestina Ochieng
Image: Courtesy

She set all her boxing gear ablaze, removed her son from school, disposed of all her gym equipment.

The former pugilist who brought prride to many Kenyans is currently living a quiet life with her mom in their upcountry home.

Journalist Carol Radull regularly updates fans and followers on the state of the much-loved 'Conje'. 

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