• A woman who is in love will always prioritize spending time with you as opposed to other people out there.

Women often behave in some type of way towards a man they are in love with.

They find themselves doing specific things that show signs of love and care.

So if you have been with a woman,and you have been dating for a while and you are not sure where her head is at and how she generally feel towards you.

Here are the tips to know whether her love is genuine or not. 

Introduces you to family and friends

A woman who loves her man right will always be comfortable and more than happy to introduce her man to her friends and family.

It is a sign of how contented she is with you and that she is ready to build a future with you.

She sacrifices for your happiness

Love is all about compromise and when a woman is willing to bend over backwards and accommodate you as well as  do more to make you happy,then she really do have true feelings towards you.

If she genuinely loves you,she will consciously make sacrifices for the sake of your happiness.

She confides in you

If a woman is in love with you,she will pour her heart out and bear her soul out,she literally strips bare before you and tells you things like her  fears,her dreams and aspiration, and she trusts you with all her wits.

She prioritizes her time with you

A woman who is in love will always prioritize spending time with you as opposed to other people out there.

If she chooses to hang out with you predominantly over hanging out with other people she may care about,it is a clear sign she is in love with you.

She feels comfortable enough not to be perfect.

When you start dating,each one of you are on your guard trying to look your best and  try to impress each other and after a while,you let your guard down and get comfortable with each other.

Not because she cares less,but because she wants you to see her for who she is and love her with or without make up.

She is proud of your accomplishments

No matter what stage she met you in,rich or poor,she automatically  becomes your biggest supporter,your number one fan and she always encourages you to be better and pushes you to your limits.

She will always let you know that you are the best thing that has ever happened to her and appreciate you in every step you make in life.

She looks past your faults

Each of us have those bad habits that we would rather drop and with a woman who genuinely loves and cares about you by your side, then she is willing to look past your flaws and work with you to help you improve.

They will make you want to turn a new leaf for them and make you feel like the sacrifice is worth it. 

She sees you in her future

If this is the woman you happen to be dating, then she is already a big catch.

She is often making future plans for both of you, planning how and where you are going to live in a few years' time, planning about how you will build a family together and many more future plans involving the two of you.

This is a clear indication that they want to do this with you and you should remove all doubts and jump head fast into the relationship.

She remembers things that are important to you

If you have a woman who is taking down dates, paying attention to things that matter, then you have a good woman.

She could be paying attention to big things that everybody else notices but it's the little things she does when you least expect it, then that should count.

It is those little things that eventually add up and become the big giant picture of what your future could be.

She talks to you about everything

From her dreams to her fears, she tells you every little detail about their lives. Basically, there is nothing that happens in her life that she does not feel the need to tell you about.

A woman who keeps secrets can at times make you feel inadequate and insecure at times. but a woman who is like transparent and opens up about her life,is definitely for keeps.

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