• The 60 year old has already been given 5 warnings by the 18 year old

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Kenyans have shared their experience with that one ex they can't get over.

One man says he is in his 60's but can't get over a young girl he is currently dating saying she even 'threatens' him despite his age.

Sharing his experience with Mike Mondo a smitten *Karanja shared, "I am a 60-years-old na an 18-year-old girl is giving me the last warning. She drives me crazy, she has so far given me 5 last warnings."

*Nancy narrated how she used to date a man only for him to introduce her to the wife

"There is a Zambian guy I used to date. At some point, he told me he wanted to bring someone over to my place for dinner. Shock on me! When the 'guest' came I found out it was the wife and his son.

Apparently, the wife had wanted to meet me as our 'husband' had told her about me."

Nancy says the wife was very excited to meet her.

"The wife was very happy to meet me, she told me she was okay with the decision her husband has made.

Added that she was okay knowing her husband was with me.

After she went back to her home country we still kept in touch. She would call and I would call her also tunapiga udaku.''

Nancy says at some point she decided to move on with her life adding that the Zambian bae requested to meet her then-to-be-husband.

"When I told my mubaba that I now wanted to settle down he requested to meet my new man. I introduced them, The wife to my mubaba even came to my wedding with her friends.

My Mubaba knows my current husband and he is very okay with it, I currently have three kids but we still talk. There are people who get into your heart and they cannot leave."

*Mike called in saying he was dumped two years ago but he can't move on. 

"I  never used to believe in these things. But kumbe mtu anaweza penda mtu mpaka ukidumpiwa unakuwa wazimu. There is a woman I was dating but she dumped me two years ago but she has completely refused to take me back. But I admit the mistake was mine, Every time I think of her kichwa inaruka."

Do you have an ex you can't get over?

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