• Conversations filled with sarcasm and fueled by contempt are always alarming.

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Do you ever feel constantly tired or unhappy after spending time with your partner?

If yes, then you must be in toxic relationship and below are some of the red flags you should watch out for in a toxic relationship.

Lack of support

The feeling that you are all alone in the relationship and doing the most to make it work is always so tiring and draining.

The moment you feel like your partner’s success is making you feel some sort of defeat, then that automatically shows that your relationship is unhealthy and you need to work on it.

Patterns of disrespect

They say,respect is two way traffic and the moment your partner disrespects you in any way,be warned that there is some negative energy building up.

A repetition of annoying behaviors such as coming home late,failing to show up on a planned event among others can be a red flag that everyone needs to watch out for.


Partners who hold onto small grudges and never let go of bygones need to be closely watched because that’s an alarming red flag. They often don’t forgive nor forget about the past mistakes which end up ruining the relationship.


Toxic partners often come up with excuses to cover up their mischievous behaviours or you often catch them lying now and then. Honesty is the best policy and once your partner lies and get away with it, then it will become a habit that will eventually make you grow apart.

Toxic communication

A healthy relationship creates room for freedom to speak your thoughts without the fear of being judged but once you feel afraid of speaking up, then you are tied to a toxic relationship.

Conversations filled with sarcasm and fueled by contempt are always alarming and you should not let their words hurt your emotions in any way.

Controlling Behavior

A partner who is always on your neck dictating about how you should dress, speak, relate with other people, keep on checking up on you among many other over the board behaviours should be dealt with instantly.

It's very annoying to have someone who dictates over your life yet you are old enough to make your own decisions.

Ignores your needs

Love is all about putting your partners needs first and showing them that they mean the most to you.

If your partner keeps on disregarding your needs, pretends to forget them always and makes you feel like you have to beg for you to be heard, then you should do away with such people.


When your partner often condemns you whenever he or she sees you with the opposite sex, then that should be very alarming and if not attended to, it may lead to more serious damage in the relationship.

Trust should always be the one thing keeping you from suspecting your partner or feeling insecure.

Dealing with toxic partners is very draining and instead of giving up on them, make a point and take them to a counsellor to sort your things out.

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