Why Juliani and Lillian Nganga opted to honeymoon in Mt Kenya

Jualinai and Lillian Nganga on honeymoon
Jualinai and Lillian Nganga on honeymoon

Love is indeed in the air for newly weds rapper Juliani and Lilian Nganga who are currently on their honeymoon in Meru.

The duo wed at Paradise Lost on February 2, 2022, in the presence of close family and friends. The guest list had less than 50 people.

Juliani has kinda apologized to his many friends and fans who were not invited to the wedding saying, "A random performance on Wednesday captured by Kirembu! If you see @bonifacemwangi and @gichuru you'll understand why the whole world might nichuja but I am sure of them as fans and honoured that they are close friends.".

Anyhow, the couple is honeymooning at the five star Alba Hotel.  The cheapest room goes for Ksh 10,700 per night and the highest one is priced at Ksh 40,000.

Our source told Mpasho, "Juliani and Lilian look soooooo in love, for real these two were meant for each other."

Adding, "Juliani is treating Lilian like a delicate flower holding her hand as they walk around, they look very very happy. She looks very nice with her bulging baby bump, they inspire romance and love."

 The couple is expecting their first child together. Juliani has other children from two previous relationships.

Alba Hotel in Meru
Alba Hotel in Meru

Here is why they opted for a bush honeymoon instead of a beach one.

1. Privacy

Meru is way out of the prying eyes of the public and still is a popular tourist destination. The couple opted for the location to keep their honeymoon from being dissected by the curious public.

2. Five-star hotel

Alba is the latest addition to the hotels in the area. It is afive star hotel that offers luxury. The website of the hotel promises, "Opulence, elegant decor, lavishly decorated rooms, beds so soft that you'll be tempted to stay just one extra night."

3. Proximity to game parks

The Meru National Park features coursing rivers, luxurious jungle, verdant swamp, khaki grasslands, different bird species and game animals such as zebras, elephants, reedbucks, buffalos and diverse species of snakes. It is a perfect park for camping, nature trails, bird watching and game viewing activities.

4. Mount Kenya

It is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second-largest in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro. It is a breathtaking world heritage site that features dense forests, mineral springs, glaciers and different species of wild animals. It is a perfect destination for camping, hiking and mountain climbing.

5. Meru Equator Tamaduni Cultural Centre

I'm sure Juliani and Lillian will have to check out this private museum where over 300 Meru traditional artefacts are displayed. Some of the artefacts you can find there include; kitchenware, clothing, farm implements, ornaments and weaponry.

6.  Devils’ Bridge Waterfall

Another atraction that Juliani and Lillian can check out is the Devil's Bridge Waterfall that is located along the Meru-Nkubu Highway, about 300 metres from Gikumene primary school. It is a splendid waterfall that drops down to about 300 feet, hits upon rocks before forming a small natural dam. The place was an important source of ochre that was used by early African communities for body decoration.

We wish the couple nothing but the best as they enjoy their honeymoon.

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