Pastor compels male congregants to lick soup off his fingers
Pastor compels male congregants to lick soup off his fingers

Another young pastor is the talk of the town after he got his male congregants to lick his fingers after he dipped them in soup and ugali.

The male congregants can be seen being very subservient and licking the preacher's fingers with no qualms.

Watch them below.

Here are reactions from Mpashogrammers who watched the video.

davidbabu: The spread of diarrhea

_sandehpatricks: Watu wajisomee Bible.

allantafari: I stopped blaming pastors who do this..Kondoo wao ndio wanafaa akili how can a man lick another man's hand eating ugali and Omena???

kigothochris: Yeye akule ugali na mboka mimi nimlambe vidole. Never

lissahsyrah: Dawa gani Tena huyu anatumia. 

qualitycarpetcentre: Yani hapa ndio ma pastors wamefika let's open our eyes to see that we are being used.

isack_shei: apo akili nkama iko on leave.

justjijo__: Wanakulia kaugali na stew.

andy.miyienda: I respect these pastors.

blancabiancanavell: sasa apa nani wa kulaumiwa..pastor ama wenye kutolarate that SMH.

_abed_ke: wah ain't doing this crap.

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