Fiona Kirubi with late dad billionaire Chris Kirubi
Fiona Kirubi with late dad billionaire Chris Kirubi

Most people only know two of billionaire Chris Kirubi's children, Robert Kirubi and daughter Mary-Anne Kirubi.

However, during his funeral, another daughter showed up and introduced herself.

“When I was a child, I was terribly subconscious of our shared Kirubi permanent forehead and wide smile and I would try to hide his traits,” she said during the funeral in June 2021 as her half-siblings stood by her side.

“However, as I grew older, I have come to embrace our unique physical traits which connect us and I am more proud of my forehead and a big smile, and who would who have thought I’d marry an amazing dentist,” Fiona said.

She continued, "I wish he would have met the new addition to the family, my 7-month-old son Mufasa who would carry the name Kirubi. I promise to tell him all about his Guka when he grows up. I grew up with my mum and I learned that the words and encouragement that my dad had trouble expressing came out through his successes and achievements."

Robert, Fiona amd Mary-Anne Kirubi during the funeral of their dad billionaire Chris Kirubi
Robert, Fiona amd Mary-Anne Kirubi during the funeral of their dad billionaire Chris Kirubi

Fiona was mentioned in Kirubi's 1996 will where Robert Kirubi and daughter Mary-Anne Kirubi were bequeathed 80 percent of the estate while Fiona got Ksh4 million.

However, Robert and Mary-Anne amicably agreed to give Fiona 9.95 percent of the estate which they split equally from their shares. 

“We shall be grateful if you would record the following consent in the above matter. That an order be recorded that Fiona Wambui Kirubi shall receive 9.95 percent of the share of Robert Kirubi’s and Mary-Anne’s Kirubi’s portion of the estate being 80 percent of the entire estate,” the consent reads in part.

That means she will receive about Ksh1.6 billion from her siblings. 

FIona Kirubi
FIona Kirubi

Fiona's bio on the Meaningful Business website reads: Fiona (Farha) Kirubi is a partner at Gateway Global and head of Fintech and Leadership development for Africa.

She is active with Gateway’s Conversion Factory, Digital Strategy & Fintech, Gender Equity; Inclusivity, Real Estate, and Social Responsibility & Impact practices.

Her mission is to deliver innovative solutions to communities, institutions and governments.

Previously, she worked at Globaleye as an independent investment advisor, where she was responsible for portfolio strategy, asset allocation, investment management and corporate solutions on pensions and insurance.

Fiona is a regular speaker and serial entrepreneur having co-founded the first Islamic finance advisory firm in East Africa.

She has experience with tailored training on leadership, entrepreneurship, and Islamic banking and has been instrumental at developing training in Kenya and Malaysia for hundreds of bankers and several board members.

She is also a mentor for the start up community and she brings her versatile experience and empathy to offer clients a deep and global outlook in their business decisions. She is listed in the Women in FinTech Powerlist 2017.

Fiona is the chairperson for Muslim Women Tech, an NGO focused of developing tech skills for women based in Malaysia and sits on several advisory boards; Datacultr, which is an AI driven risk management technology platform and two charity foundations, Stara Rescue Center and Talent Foundation International in Kenya. She has just signed on to be a regular contributor on the CSR Journal were she will also launch her podcast on emotional intelligence and transformation.

She earned her MBA from Harvard Business School and an M.A. in Islamic finance from INCEIF, in addition to her B.B.A. from the American University in Dubai, and a B.A. in finance and management from Richmond University- UK.

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