• Bien is among celebrities who openly use weed.

Image: Instagram

Mwalimu King'ang'i has advised Bien of Sauti Sol to ask God to help him quit Jaba as it's not an easy task.

Like any other substance, Mwalimu says it is advisable to minimize the amount taken instead of dropping it at once.

Speaking during the Morning Conversation on Classic 105, he advised, '"Naskia Bien anaacha Jaba? That is hard to leave unless he says he will reduce the amount he takes.

Adding, "Some things such as smoking are very hard to ditch, you cannot just wake up and say umewacha.

Some of these things you just pray to God and ask him to help you drop such habits."

Ati bien amesema anawacha jaba 😂😂😂 #MainaAndKingangi

Posted by Classic 105 Kenya on Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Taking to his socials Bien had said he intends to quit the interwebs, among other things.

"So after a long hard look in the mirror, I have decided to change my ways. The internet is a very toxic place and I just want to take a step back.

There are a lot of habits that I picked up along the way that I am leaving behind this year. I just wanna reset and rewind. Thank you."

The change, he said, would start on January 26. 

"Time to reset and rewind. From this day onwards, I am a changed man. I am even considering quitting jaba It won't be easy but the Lord is with me."


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