• Miracle Baby so far had  has 4 baby mamas, his wife is also currently pregnant.

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Kenyan celebrities have in the past taken the commandment to go and fill the earth literally.

We take a look at celebs with more than 3 baby mamas.

Robert Agengo

Robert known by many as Fela for his role in Zora is a father of 6 with 5 baby mamas.

Speaking to Buzz Central on YouTube, Fela as referred to in the show said it has not been easy.

"I have six children with five baby mamas. The first I dated has two kids, my first and second-born children. The other four have one child each. My third and fourth born were born in the same year.

It's not easy as sometimes we have issues but we take it each day as it comes," he said.

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Miracle baby

Miracle Baby formerly of Sailors Gang is a well known polygamist.

He currently has 4 baby mamas, his wife is also currently pregnant.

“I have 4 kids from different mothers. One was left at my doorstep in a basin so I had to adopt him. However, we look alike and I suspect that he is mine,” he revealed on Mambo Mseto.

Miracle Baby
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Bilal Mwaura

 'Uradi' actor, Bilal Mwaura, has four baby mamas.

Bilal said he has four kids with different women adding that he will marry many women.

"If I would settle down, it must be polygamous. Am a polygamist at heart. I would not want to have mistresses hiding."

Actor Mwaura Bilal
Actor Mwaura Bilal
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Nick Cannon

The award winning entertainer is a father of 7 but sadly he lost his youngest child in 2021.

In December 2021, a terrible tragedy struck when Cannon revealed on his talk show that the youngest of his seven children, 5-month-old son Zen, had passed away from brain cancer.

The 41-year-old Cannon  wants as many as “10 to 12 kids. Among the women he has sired with is the legendary Mariah Carey.

Nick Cannon
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The list would not be complete without us including  Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond has 4 kids with three baby mamas.

He has two kids with South African business woman Zari, a son with Hamisa Mobetto and a son with Kenya's Tanasha Donna.

We are not sure if he has other kids we do not know about.

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