•'I felt it's not fair for me to enter into something I wont give 100%.' - DJ Pinye

DJ Pinye
Image: Instagram

Peter Chuani alias DJ Pinye has opened up on why he is still single at 51.

The award-winning spinmaster says marriage is the only department he can comfortably say he failed at.

Speaking during an interview with Standard Digital he says, "I cannot go back to a table after deejaying.

I am very disciplined. I am always sober so I can't be forced to do something I do not want to do. I am not married by choice. That is the only department you will hear me say proudly that I failed.

Otherwise, you will never hear me say I have failed. In a 'club' the only person who grows older is the DJ.

From my 20's t0 my early thirties I was dating people my age, but the problem is that I was getting older and more mature and they were not."

Pinye explained, "They wanted to party and not want to settle down. Some I would have settled with them but I was busy turning tables.

By the time you realize everyone is gone. I have tried dating but I failed because everything in my life I give it 100%.

I felt it's not fair for me to enter into something I wont give 100%. But I won't say never. Maybe one day I will get married."

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