• "Always remember that not everyone is happy or even proud of you." -Betty Kyallo

Nick Ndeda and Betty Kyallo
Image: Instagram

Betty Kyallo has in a cryptic message said that not everyone is happy when they see other people progress.

This she says at a time when she and her lawyer bae Nick Ndeda are rumoured to have broken up after dating for less than a year.

Through her socials the mother of one posted,

"Always remember that not everyone is happy or even proud of you, they are always surprised by how you continue making things happens. May God keep surprising them. Like BOOM!  mko poa?"

In an interview with Mpasho, Ndeda said he and Betty are still friends although they are still figuring things out.

"We've enjoyed a fantastic relationship and we are figuring things out. We are still good friends," Ndeda said.

The two became the talk of the town after Betty un-followed Ndeda and deleted his photos on her Instagram.

Ndeda still has photos of Betty on his Instagram so we aren't sure who is pissed at the other.

Let us sit back and watch how all this drama unfolds, 'udaku haitaki uzembe'.

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