(Video) Nikita Kering shows slay queens how to cook Ugali the 'kienyeji' way

Nikita Kering
Nikita Kering

Award-winning singer Nikita Kering has redefined what kienyeji living is.

A video of her cooking Ugali has gone viral and Kenyans cannot keep calm.

An Instagrammer shot his shot with so much audacity saying, "Vile tuu anashika hio mwiko wacha tuu ...it's how she is holding the mwiko for me."

dee_jay_kev: continued, "Si ashike roho yangu hivo tu aki..."

Here are more reactions.

latapazatunesband: She's amazing well-raised respect.

africannetworks: huyu akikupikia alafu ukule kwa hoteli hiyo nikama kucheat

kevinmars254: Ako wapi Jeremy Maina wa Kishash 

janet_kamadi: Only Africans show the ability to be a wife by suffering.

empress_mwesh: I just don't know why people judge being a wife material with cooking with firewood...or carrying firewood and water on the back or head..... That's a nooo.

princess_ly_maria: Very few celebs can do this. Brave of her showing her motherland kitchen.

_idaki: tumepikiwa indomiee tukachoka.

iam.shirly__: kwani ni kesho.

lenny_lion_k.e: @brian_shamso47 ule dem yako “cardi b mgazaaa finest mpenda jaba” anaweza kweli.

cash7_muney: Can you even?

yaakdbarach: Finnesing ugali.

sheezenough: Well raised beautiful girl.

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