Hannah Githuku
Hannah Githuku

Picking an ideal corporate Christmas gift is a dreaded task this time of the year with most companies settling for the same old branded calendar.

Whether you are picking gifts for your client or you have been tasked by your boss to put together a Christmas package, gifts are a hustle.

Flanked by actor and brand influencer Tracy Waithera, Branding Coach and CEO of Insideout Hannah Githuki on her Instagram went ham on boring gifters.

"Calendars are good but they are not gifts; try to hype it up. You are a brand, make your gifts outstanding,” Hannah said. "Give something that you would like other people to give to you."

Giving Christmas gifts to your valued clients is an art that is often ignored.

Here are top 10 Hannah Githuki Corporate Gifting tips that could impress your boss and get you that promotion.

1. A branded and personalized journal that can be used to schedule appointments and write down their vision for the next year.

2. A branded mug; everyone enjoys tea or coffee especially while working.

3. Books on leadership are amazing corporate gifts especially for people like myself who work on branding. Some people may not read but it is a good reminder to read more often.

4. Hannah went ahead to add that she loves chocolate and wouldn't mind receiving them as a gift.

5. an electric wine opener would be a thoughtful gift as they both laughed about how awkward it is to have to push a cork down the bottle with a fork after lacking a wine opener.

6. Special clients that bring you business all year, require special gifts such as a portable Bluetooth speaker. Everybody enjoys music especially during the holidays. '' she continued. 

7. To be dubbed a terrific gift giver, you would need to be thoughtful. Your gift needs to stand for something.

8. Use the opportunity to market your brand. The kind of gift that is used regularly and reminds your clients to choose you whenever they need services or products that you offer.

9. Throw Blankets are actually a good gift.

10. Leather Laptop bag for high end customers.

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