As the saying goes -old is gold. Most young Kenyan ladies have not hesitated to prove this right.

A number of young ladies are aiming at bagging an older man to settle down with for various reasons.

The big question is, why? Why are these older men becoming eye candy to young ladies?

Here are some of the major reasons why these young ladies prefer being in relationships with older men

Firstly, these older men are already financially stable in most cases. Most of these older men are people who have worked for quite a while and can support themselves financially.

Basically, these ladies want to skip the hustling part and just join you in enjoyment being a companion.

Older men are not as emotionally needy as compared to younger men. Young ladies find these older men emotionally strong.

Many relationships help them receive the emotional support that they require as humans but these ladies it’s different, they are not down to carry around the emotional baggage.

Young ladies find older men more mature in their way of dealing with things. Mature in the sense that these older men are more straightforward and know how to handle serious situations and they feel like these older men take them more seriously as compared to younger men.

Older men give them the kind of love and protection a father would give. I know it may sound cringe but to these young ladies, it doesn’t feel that way because they are enjoying the fatherly love and protection they are receiving from their older fiancés.

Also, young ladies find it easy to manipulate these older men since many of these older men see them as the perfect 'Barbie doll' and they are willing to do anything to keep them.

Basically, these older men end up spending more than expected on them. I am not leaving this piece without some sprinkles of my point of view.

It is definitely brief, whatever we all do definitely has an outcome, either positive or negative. In a nutshell, be prepared to lay on the bed that you spread.

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