This is just a message to young ladies to open their eyes to their full potential.

It is no secret that many have decided to look the other way when discussing such issues simply because it’s either being normalized or just given unnecessary and false appraisal.

It is never too late to make make a wrong right. There is no point in glamorizing prostitution because at the end of the day in most cases many, especially young girls end up becoming victims.

Several terms like sugar baby, sponsor and sugar daddy have been used to make the prostitution lifestyle so lucrative and attractive in the eyes of many.

Trust me, I am not here to judge anyone but just to face the facts. Being honest with oneself is one strong pillar of confidence.

Reducing your human dignity for money that comes and goes just to live a fantasy lifestyle for a few days or weeks is just not worth it.

Let's be honest, building your dream lifestyle can be quite the hustle but the beauty of it all is that the experiences that come along with this journey build you as a person and this is what makes you human.

Using these terms just to look at prostitution from a different angle just kills potential, young and gifted girls of our community.

Let’s motivate girls and be honest with each other to build a better tomorrow.

This is not to make anyone feel less or who they are but just to open their eyes and show them that they have potential and can single-handedly build their lives without involving themselves in prostitution.

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