Wizzo Tano Nane
Wizzo Tano Nane

Rapper Wizzo Tano Nane famed for the Kwani Ni Kesho street lingo has come out to defend 23 newly graduated recruits of the General Service Unite that were punished for shooting a celebratory video in sheng.

In the video, the members of Squad 26 can be seen celebrating and chanting various threats.

"Ndio hiyo tushamaliza. Tunawakilisha hii ni nini? Hii ni red berets. Tunakuja inje. Hawa ni wale wazii," one said signalling shooting a gun.

In a statement, the National Police Service wrote, "We wish to clarify and assure the public that the behaviour portrayed in the clip is not acceptable and does not reflect the values of the GSU, KPS and the NPS.

It continued, "The remarks as made in the clip are therefore regrettable and stand condemned. An internal review is ongoing with a view of preferring appropriate measures regarding the incident.

GSU is renowned for its focused training aimed at producing highly disciplined and responsible officers."

Wizzo Tano Nane is not happy that they have been punished for expressing themselves in sheng.

"National Police Service Kenya, what you did was wrong, ni umbwakni sareni hizo jo," he said, "What did the GSU officers do, if someone communicates in sheng, does it translate to indiscipline?"

Wizzo continued, "Sheng is the new culture, we need to understand our youth and resonate with them even the students will stop burning down schools. Enzi za mabongo kuongea kama wakale zimepitwa na wakati manze."

He added, "Those youth were communicating to criminals out there, telling them their time is up, in a language they will understand. And that language is sheng. I don't see anything wrong with that video."

He noted, "On the other hand, it was their winning season, and if it is your winning season, it will not have kelele?"

It was reported that the entire squadron, comprising 23 officers including the ones who were captured in the clip, was banished to the notorious Magadi Field Training camp for another “re-training” as punishment for their indiscretions.

Other officials said the team is likely to be deployed to the general duties after their new “graduation” likely to happen in weeks.

The Magadi Field Training Camp is described as “hell on earth” and considered the ultimate test for endurance within the disciplined forces.

Many officers fear it.

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