Popular travel and lifestyle blogger has been out of the media spotlight the past year. This was a decision she made after her personal life became cannon fodder for the media and public alike.

But while she has been keeping out of the spotlight, she will still sporadically update her fans on what is going on.

One such update happened this week on her Instastories with the pretty Natalie revealing that she had contracted Covid-19.

She noted that she was shocked that she had gotten the bug considering that she had always been extra careful and had already received both doses of the Moderna vaccine.

“I’ve just tested positive for Covid. I’ve been avoiding Covid for so long, I was literally the Covid police, saying wear your mask, don’t go out. Now I went out for my birthday on Friday, and the place was super crowded but of course, you’re already there and having fun,” she started.

She said that she had started suspecting she might have the virus when her friends started feeling down. 

“The friends I was with are down, not feeling so well, so I knew I had to test. I got my first symptoms on Monday. I was having body aches, feeling feverish, headache, and basically fatigued. The results came in today and I’m positive for Covid, although I am feeling a bit better, just congestion in the nose and coughing which I’m taking medication for,” she added.

But despite having the illness at the moment, that didn't stop the blogger from being concerned about her fellow citizen's well-being.

She said that people should stay vigilant about the virus, “Please guys be very careful. Stay safe especially if you are perambulating the streets this December. The virus is spreading a lot faster because everyone is going out,” she said.

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